dvp10 & 10 channel midi explained

10 channel midi:

::primordial æon grade technology written for people with some understanding ov
'midi', 'digital music sample generation' and 'script coding'

first point: the 'public domain' oscillator is ready to go now

all that is needed is someone to write a
script array to 10 channel usb midi patch

the oscillator on epsolom.com/aexp.html is essentially 5 spinning points floating on a sphere

this was originally written as a random generator for music
(5 points being the minimum that does not hold symetry)

current state has a script array being processed
8 times a cycle running at a music tempo (adjustable)

this gives a reference on two wheels (sailors map)
each wheel is measured with 2 x 24 bit sectors
(can be converted to 1 x 24 bit sector)

this array is keeping 5 points (centers) and 5 points (spinning)

this gives 20 references to choose from determining a 10 channel midi usb patch

relative distances between points are also being calculated and could be extracted
(these measurements are not currently being stored as an array)

a script patch would give a usb midi outlet that can plug into any midi studio

ideally these refs would change the postion ov the wave along x axis

and could also vary the pitch ov the wave

running this accross any samples or oscillator
would generate outstanding waveforms that would
be suitable as 'new samples' to use in music

these 'æon grade new samples' can then be recorded,
and used in current recording such as vinyl, cd, dvd, mp3, mp4 etc.

one could also trigger 10 surround speakers
5 surrounding the base and 5 surrounding the highs

dvp10 and what it means:

as the oscillator runs the same each time
only the 'start references' are required to keep

these would include timing and direction etc

these start references are actually quite small

and while many ov the samples would end up quite small
there may well be some whole sequences that can go for like 20 minutes

say 50 x 24 bit references

a 300-500 kb bmp (~50,000 24 bit refs) could easilly store 1000 'key reference sets' (1000 samples)

also needs to store keys/etc. to create the 'map'/'midi map'
to play the sample keys forming the output 'music'

this would require the 'player' to have a version ov the oscillator installed

this is the dvp10 (digital versatile picture)

a 300-500 kb image easily transportable and distributable that is the music generator 'keys' so to speak

the future:

as only the start references are required it has no bearing on the sample rate

this leaves an open top end

1 ppm+ (part per million+) along the x axis
can be attained by lifting the sample rate to about 450 mhz

this would give 1 ppm+ on both the x axis (450mhz) (wave @ 20khz) and y axis (24bit) (reality squared so to speak)

this system also facilitates 10 channel surround at say outdoor partys

5 surround on the base and 5 surround on the top
(with relevant samples)

being so strong within the containment
an exterior system ov reverse wave generation
could also be in place to silence the party

furthermore if those 5 top and 5 bottom speakers had 'spinning' sound
spinning around the speaker system (~1 hz - cycle/second) like a top and bottom chakra system
this would be even more extreme

spinning the sound could also pinpoint focus spinning sectors within the compound
and say 'heal' and 'realign' chakra sets on people themselves




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